Flavio F. Contreras Torres, Ph.D.

Flavio F. Contreras Torres, Ph.D.

Research Areas:

  • Microstructure via X-ray diffraction, and electron transmission microscopy techniques
  • Stress measurement on polycrystalline and noncrystalline materials
  • Surface relaxation in nanoparticles

Flavio F. Contreras-Torres (Scopus ID: 8717623100) hold his Master in Science (2004) and Doctor in Science (2007) degrees in chemistry from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, both under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Vladimir A. Basiuk at the Institute of Nuclear Science (ICN-UNAM). As a national fellow from DGAPA, in 2008, Dr. Contreras-Torres arrived to the Center for Applied Science and Technological Development (CCADET-UNAM) as a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Technosciences (Materials and Nanotechnology Division) in association with Prof. Dr. Elena Golovataya-Dzhymbeeva. There, Dr. Contreras-Torres participated in two CONACYT and ICYTDF major projects where he was in charge of the Atomic Microscopy Laboratory. In 2012, Dr. Contreras-Torres decided to move back to the Department of Physics of Plasmas at ICN-UNAM where he began his second postdoctoral period (2012–2013) in association with Prof. Dr. Alejandro Raga. There, Dr. Contreras-Torres focused his research on numerical integration methods in order to resolve a special type of differential equations (Stiff ODEs) for studying chemical reactions in the ISM. In 2015, Dr. Contreras-Torres arrived to the Water Center (from Tecnológico de Monterrey) as an associate researcher, and since 2016, he is a professor-researcher at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

He is a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI-level 1) and his scientific work includes 42 published refereed articles as well as two-book chapters (Scopus Index h = 10). Since 2010, he also lectures of several undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Sciences–UNAM (Modern Physics, Introduction to the Physics of Materials, and Thermodynamics), and as an associate professor in the Department of Physics–Tecnológico de Monterrey (Physics, Atomic Microscopy, and Fundamentals of Nanotechnology). He is a regular member of the American Chemical Society and other societies including nanotechnology iberoamerican networks. His research interests are focused on the microstructural study of nanomaterials.

Email: contreras.flavio@itesm.mx



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